Meet the team

Somayeh Dodge, PhD

Somayeh Dodge is Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography at the University of California Santa Barbara. Her research focuses on understanding and predicting movement, through spatiotemporal analytics, modeling, and visualization. More info:

Current Students

Kate Carlson

Kate is a University Honors Program student pursuing a B.S. in Geography, and anticipates graduation in Fall 2018. Her interests include Geographic Information Science, geovisualization, and cartography. Kate began working on DYNAMOvis in Fall 2018 as her senior thesis project.

Kin (Nathan) Chan

Nathan was born and raised in Hong Kong. He graduated from Shoreline Community College and transferred to the University of Minnesota in 2016. He is senior in the Computer Science department and anticipates graduation in Fall 2019. His focus areas are operating systems, artificial intelligence, and GIS. He has been working on DYNAMOvis since the summer of 2018 as an independent research study.

Wing Yi (Pinki) Wong 

Pinki is a senior student majoring in Computer Science, and expects to graduate in Fall 2018. Her research interests are software engineering, GIS, and Visualization. Pinki has been working on DYNAMOvis since Summer 2017. Her work was supported by the University of Minnesota's Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP).

Past Students

Kerri Newcomer

Kerri is a student in the University honors program majoring in Plant and Microbial Biology with minor in Computer Science. She expects to graduate in the spring of 2021. She worked on DYNAMOvis in the Spring of 2018 as part of a University of Minnesota Undergraduate Research Scholarship.

Glenn Xavier

Glenn began developing the pilot visualization tool that would become DYNAMOvis in Spring 2014. His later work was supported by several research awards and grants from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Glenn graduated from UCCS in Fall 2015 with a BA in both Geography and Anthropology, and is currently pursuing a Master of GIS from Penn State University. He is currently employed by the Center of Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML) at Colorado State University as the Environmental GIS Analyst for Scott, McConnell, and Whiteman AFB.