Examples of Visualization Using DYNAMOvis

This video visualizes five albatrosses and their movement paths from the Galapagos Islands to the coast of South America. The line color represents tail wind and the thickness represents the speed of movement. This video visualizes how tail wind can affect the movement speed. It also reveals an overall spatial pattern of movement and wind speeds.

The same five albatrosses are shown in this video. This time, the line color and thickness are based on wind speed, but have been reduced so they only appear small and represent the path. The point color is based on the movement speed of the albatross and the point size represents wind speed. Potential patterns between movement and wind speed can by analyzed with this visualization.

This video utilizes vectors to show the wind speed and direction. The data is the same five albatrosses. The vector direction indicates wind direction. Their color and length represent wind speed. The visualization of wind direction and intensity can indicate if the path of a bird was changed by those variables.

The data being used in this video is from tracking a tiger in Thailand. The line color represents elevation while the thickness of the line represents the speed of the tiger. This video visualizes how elevation may affect the speed of a tiger.